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From Joy's Clients

"Your thoughtful comments and concrete examples were very helpful to me.  Specific exercises in presentation skills were valuable.  Thank you very much.  You are obviously a powerful woman who knows herself and who is willing to share her gifts and passions with others.  I am grateful to have met you and to have benefited from your generosity. "
— Cheryl Noga, Graduate Studies at Duke University

"Thank you again for your continuing service to the Baldwin Scholars  program.  Please know that you are making a difference in their  lives.  I got glowing feedback about their time with you!"
— Colleen Scott, Baldwin Scholars, Duke University

"Ms. Javits has helped me and other presenters with
her astute blend of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement."

— NC Congressman David Price

"Joy's communication workshop was creative, useful, and effective.  She has a remarkable presence, which she extends to her audience and/or students.  her input was valuable and practical.  I think what differentiates Joy from other public speaking workshops is that she is hands on, she encourages students to practice in the moment, and her feedback is practical instead of hypothetical.  Thank you!”  
—Baldwin Scholar

"After your feedback I presented again to my dissertation committee; they were astounded at my drastic improvement."
— Anne Smith, Ph.D. Candidate; Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina; won position as Associate Professor at McGill University

"What I think is of greatest value is your ability to encourage what you recognize as actual but underdeveloped potentials."
— Professor, Divinity School, Duke University

"As someone who must address large groups of highly discerning and critical audiences, I have found your help invaluable. I often refer to your notes as I prepare my talks and speeches. . . . Your non-judgmental approach is a confidence builder, so that comments that could easily be devastating are just the opposite. . . . You have given me simple yet effective techniques on how to capitalize and build on traits that might, just as easily, be stumbling blocks. This point was clearly demonstrated as I was interviewing for my current position. For this particular interview I could not have been better prepared!"
— John Noble, Director, Office of Career Services, Duke University on position as Director, Office of Career Services; John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


"Ms. Javits covered more than I expected and did it in a lively and engaging way. 

"I thought it was an excellent experience."

"Strength: the instructor's warmth and friendliness, very accessible and put me at my ease, which is an accomplishment given the topic (having your presentation skills judged is scary!)"

"Coaching session was great. She covered an amazing amount of stuff in 30 minutes. I think it was a nice, safe way to get feedback."

"There is no wrong or right, just reality. I also liked the lessons about one's physical carriage and body language. Much better to see it as opposed to reading about it! And her corrections regarding our body language help us to make changes."

— A selection of comments by The University of Virginia Librarians


"Everyone had the highest praise for both the group and individual sessions."
— Suzanne Bomberg, University of Virginia Libraries

"On behalf of Hadassah and myself, I want to thank you for an extraordinary afternoon. You helped us remember what it was like when giants walked the earth. I couldn't have asked for a better presentation, and you were most gracious throughout."
— Judy Siegel, President, Hadassah