Success Stories

A physician asked his patients excellent open-ended questions, but then answered them himself. His patients complained that they were not being heard. I suggested framing one powerful question and then maintaining silence until an answer was offered, even if the pause became uncomfortable. The complaints have ceased—and his interviews are shorter than before.

A member of the clergy tried for six years to pass an oral certification examination. The examining board saw in her facial expressions and physical bearing a way of thinking about herself that did not tell the full story of my client's profound abilities. Once her appearance truly reflected her character and she knew what her colleagues were seeing, she passed her examination with flying colors.

An MBA candidate allowed physical awkwardness to distract his audience. I encouraged him to release his long-limbed body into full space, and he now attests to a remarkable difference in his work and in his life. How you use your body can make a great deal of difference and can lead to success.

A lawyer spoke so quickly that his train of thought was difficult to follow, especially for his students. Simply speaking more slowly changed nothing. I suggested that he choose his words precisely enough to capture his own attention as he spoke. This simple shift in attention has solved his communication problems.